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Survey Plan Comparison
 Web Survey Membership Plans BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
 Base Price per Month (USD)
   (View all pricing)
FREE $10.00 $20.00 $40.00
Free Survey Account Free Survey Account Free Survey Account Free Survey Account
   Maximum number of responses stored in account
   (see survey pricing)
5,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Survey Usage
   Maximum number of surveys per account 5 25 50 100
   Maximum number of pages per survey 5 25 50 100
   Maximum number of questions per survey 25 100 250 500
   Maximum number of responses per survey 1,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Survey Design
   Use of sample survey templates
   Copy surveys in account
   Number of question types Help 15 15 15 15
   WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor
   Built-in spell checker
   Rich survey text (html coding etc.)
   Insert images and video in questions
   Mark questions as required and set error text.
   Grouping of surveys in account
   Skip Logic (skip pages based on responses)
 Survey Customization
   Create own look & feel with custom color palette
   Use custom CSS stylesheet instead of provided styles
   Multi-lingual surveys (set any language for survey)
   Set custom timezone for survey reporting
   Set all text in any language for buttons, error messages etc.
   Use images for buttons instead of text
   Add logo on the top of survey
   Options for page and question numbering within survey
   Configure and display a progress bar
   Add custom footer in survey
   No 'Powered by WebsiteGear' link on survey
 Survey Deploy Options
   Launch survey with a simple web link (URL)
   Launch survey using a window pop-up
   Launch survey using a dialog within webpage
   Embed survey into your website.
   Set survey open and close based on specific dates
   Set survey open and close based on number of responses
   Use SSL encryption for data collection
   Custom domain or subdomain for survey deployment
   Enable Response Tracking (by cookies and IP tracking)
   Pass in identifying data in survey URL (account ID, name, email, etc.)
   Capture custom data from respondents (account ID, name, email, etc.)
   Prevent duplicate responses based on custom identifying data
   Prompt for a challenge question before allowing responses
 Survey Reporting
   Real-time reporting
   Ability to reset all survey response data
   View response snapshot
   View completion rates
   View graphical response activity by day and month
   Survey summary report
   Survey respondent report with location data (city, state, country)
   Time to complete survey (aggregate and individual responses)
   Filtering of survey response data
   Downloading of survey response data (MS Excel Spreadsheet/CSV formatted)
 Survey Support
   Phone support (Toll free number during office hours)
   Email support

Enterprise Solutions

WebsiteGear also provides dedicated servers for high volume usage. Dedicated server solutions will eliminate usage based pricing model and can also be customized to fit unique customer needs (read more). Contact us for details and pricing.