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Web Survey Features
Silver Membership
Usage - Remotely hosted surveys on WebsiteGear servers, real-time statistics, password protected account, web-based user interface.

WYSIWYG Editor with Spell Checker - WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor with built in spell checker allows to add rich survey text, or embed image or flash video into surveys without any coding expertise for HTML, Javascript or Flash.

Question Types - Formulate your surveys with 15 available question types from simple open ended text input to complex matrix type questions. To view all question types, click on the question icon here. Help

Customization - Select from available survey palettes to create a professional look without any extra coding. Set all text including the error messages and button texts to conform to your customized look and feel. Use your own button images to replace texts. Add your company logo to the top of each survey page.

Custom Palettes - Create custom palettes to customize your surveys. Full customization is possible to make the look and feel of your surveys match up to your unique style of your website by creating custom color, font and layout settings.
Real Time Statistics - View survey responses in real time as the survey progresses. Take quick action based on this real-time data.

Sample Survey Templates - Creating a new survey is a snap. Either use one of the provided sample survey templates or copy an existing survey in your account. Sample survey templates are designed for each industry specific survey.

Set Custom Time-zone - Set the custom time-zone for recording the responses. This will provide accurate time reporting in your survey results.

Multi-Lingual Support - Support for any language including unicode character specifications such as Chinese, Japanese and Urdu. All relevant text and messages including the buttons on the survey are customizable for seamless integration into non-English websites.

Reporting - Multiple reports available to view the results of your survey. Summary report provides a graphical display of survey data. Individual responses can be viewed in the Respondent reports.
Gold Membership (Includes all of the above features)
Enhanced Survey Logic - Skip logic allows for skipping survey pages based on user responses. Set rules based on answers to specific questions in the survey to route user to a specific page by skipping pages altogether. Or disqualify the user and end the survey. Option to route the user to an external custom page is also possible.

Secure Survey Using SSL - Secure sensitive data collection using secure socket layer (SSL). SSL enabled URL (HTTPS://) will be used to distribute and collect responses. WebsiteGear account access for viewing data is always protected by SSL encryption.

Use Custom Stylesheet - If you require total control of how the survey looks, you will be able to specify your own CSS stylesheet to override the available customization options. Sample stylesheets are available to help create your own.

Custom Domain/Subdomain - Ability to host a web survey using your own domain name (e.g. or instead of Contact us for details.

Survey Open & Close Options - Enable criteria to open and close a survey. The criteria can be open and close dates, number of responses to the survey or number of completed responses to the survey.

Response Tracking - Enable response tracking to avoid ballot stuffing. Set survey response frequency to allow users to take surveys as frequently as you want them to. Intelligent response tracking automatically shifts to IP logging when the cookie mechanism fails.

Data Filtering Capability - View and download customized reports for your web survey based on multiple data filtering capabilities.

Platinum Membership (Includes all of the above features)

Custom Survey Footer - Add a custom footer to your survey pages. Provide links to your company website in the survey footer.

Total Branding - No 'Powered by WebsiteGear' links in surveys.

Custom Response Tracking - Advanced response tracking mechanism uses the custom identification data to prevent duplicate responses. For example, you can restrict one survey response per login ID even though multiple users can respond from the same computer or kiosk behind the corporate firewall.

Ability to Capture Unique Identity - Tracking a user by a cookie or IP address may not be sufficient. WebsiteGear advanced web survey tracking allows for capturing custom user identification data such as email address or a unique ID associated with the respondent. The user can be prompted for data input (such as name, password etc.) or passed in via survey URL in real-time. This data can be used to identify voter responses that are applicable to your organization/company.