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Employee Feedback Solutions
Evaluate employees satisfaction

Why do you need to ask for feedback from your employees?

A satisfied employee is a key to employee retention and running a successful business. One of the easiest way to know if your employee is satisfied with your company's policies is by receiving feedback from the employees on a periodic basis using a survey questionaire. Unless you provide an easy way for your employees to provide feedback, you will not know how your employees feel about your company.

Key to a successful employee satisfaction survey?

There are some key points to know about conducting an employee satisfaction survey.
  • How to ask your employees.
  • When to ask your employees.
  • What to ask your employees.
  • How often to ask your employees.
  • How to interpret the data provided by your employees.
Various methods of collecting employee feedback are face-to-face, over the phone and postal mail. Online survey software is the most effective and easiest way to collect employee feedback and provides real-time evaluation of the feedback. Response rates tend to be higher for internet surveys as well.

The best time to ask for feedback from an employee is during any changes to company policies. Employee feedback should occur periodically (e.g. once a quarter, or once a year) to evaluate the trend analysis of the employees' perception of the company's values.

The questions to ask in an employee satisfaction survey is very important. There should be some choice questions as well as question related to scoring the employee's viewpoint of various aspects of the work environments. For example, a choice question can be to ask the employee what motivates him/her to work for your company - career growth, salary, colleagues etc. That itself will provide some insights into the competitive landscape for attracting and retaining the greatest talents. There should be open ended questions where the employee can provide details of his/her experiences.

For more information, see - Employee Survey Samples Open Link

How Can WebsiteGear Survey Software Help?

WebsiteGear Survey Software provides you with the tools that you need to manage feedback from your employees.
  1. Web based surveys, no software to install.
  2. Create surveys from provided survey templates.
  3. Total branding control to integrate with your company.
  4. Real-time survey data collection and reporting.
  5. Over 15 question types to use in surveys.
  6. Easy survey creation with WYSIWYG editor with spell checker.
  7. Embed audio, video and images without coding.
  8. Data filtering and download for further analysis possible.
For more information, see all the features - Web Survey Features
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