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Web Survey Customized Solutions


Custom Web Surveys :

WebsiteGear provides customized solutions for your website's unique requirements. If the standard out-of-the-box web survey does not fit your company's needs, WebsiteGear can provide additional functionalities and host your web surveys separately as a customized solution.

Dedicated Server Solutions :

For busy websites and larger companies, WebsiteGear provides dedicated web survey hosting solutions. The dedicated web survey solution will host the customer account on dedicated servers.

Benefits: There are many reasons why our customers choose dedicated solutions. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Isolation from other customer accounts - Dedicated servers provide hardware, software and data isolation from the other customers hosted in a shared environment.
  2. Supports high traffic volume - A dedicated solution will be able to cope with high volume of traffic and provide faster load times than the shared solutions. It is also cheaper to host on a dedicated server once the number of responses stored are high.
  3. Customization - WebsiteGear can provide software customizations (for additional fees) to any dedicated hosting solution to cater to customer's unique requirements.
  4. Branding - Dedicated solutions allow for total branding.
Contact us for pricing and additional details.